Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

The 2021 Board of Directors are as follows along with the Committees that help run the pool. 

  • President: Kim Martin

  • Vice President/Finance: Ben Candler

  • Treasurer: Greta Wenke

  • Secretary: Bill Connolly

  • Executive Vice President Pool and Grounds: Brian Ashmore


  • Kayla Fletcher

  • Al Lazaro

  • Dan Palicka

  • Sharon Helderle

  • Suzanne Trotter

  • Lilly Polcyn

  • Bev Straub

  • Frank Venuto

  • Becky Shields

  • Katia Pecak

Committee Chairpersons 
  • Membership: Kim Martin

  • Communication: Sharon Helderle and Kim Martin

  • Pool and Grounds: Brian Ashmore and Frank Venuto

  • Personnel: Suzanne Trotter

  • Snack Bar: Heather Tumbarelli and Lauren Clavelli

  • Rules and Bylaws: Bev Straub and Josh Martin

  • Social and Parties: Becky Shields and Kayla Fletcher

  • Elections / Nominations: Greta Wenke and Kim Martin

  • Marketing: Lilly Polcyn

  • Long Range Planning: Becky Shields and Ben Candler

  • Swim Team: Al Lazaro and Dan Shields

A 15 member volunteer board serves the pool in its daily activities. Each Board member serves a three-year term. We can always use help on the various committees as well. If you are interested in helping serve on any of the committees, please send us an email at