Covid Guidelines for the Meadows Swim Club   

Covid Updates for 2021 Pending


UPDATED July 21 2020:

In light of the recent increase in reported COVID-19 cases and the City of Chicago’s latest travel order, we have update our COVID-19 policy regarding to reflect the travel order. The update is as follows.

Anyone who has recently traveled to a State listed in the City of Chicago’s Emergency Travel Order will need to be either quarantined from the pool grounds for a period of 14 days after they return from travel or voluntarily provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test.

Emergency Travel Order City of Chicago 

The list will be updated every Tuesday and go into effect the following Friday at 12:01 a.m.

The Meadows Swim Club Personnel Director will update the staff every Tuesday.


UPDATED June 5 2020:

Recently, we received a follow-up, to our Meadows Swim Club Board inquiry, from the DuPage County Health Department (DCHD) about the status of pool openings.

On June 2nd, the DCHD spoke to the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and shared the following points back to us verbally and via email:

· IDPH advised that pools are not part of Phase 3 Restore Illinois;

· IDPH advised that pools will be part of Phase 4 of the Governor’s 5 phase plan;

· Any pool or beach that DCHD permits (our pool) is not allowed to open or operate in any way until Phase 4;

· DCHD will create guidance on how pools can operate when the Phase 4 State level guidance comes; and

· DCHD is looking to create a mass communication to pool operators, but, do not know the how or when that will happen yet.

Verbally, a Meadows Swim Club Board member was advised that the earliest Phase 4 could start is June 26th. The current Covid-19 DuPage County trending suggests that ‘should’ be the case.

We are monitoring the DCHD website and holding for their guidance. This situation is fluid and we are adapting as we get the required information to proceed with opening our pool this summer while following the requirements laid out by the State and County. Therefore, at the board meeting held on June 4th, the board agreed to suspend all new memberships immediately in a response to projected COVID-19 operational guidelines. We will start forming a waitlist for any new people interested in membership if space allows.

Thank-you for your patience and continued support,

Chris Bennett (President) and the Meadows Swim Club Board

UPDATED May 20 2020:

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker extended the Stay-At-Home Executive Order through May 30, 2020.    It is the Board’s intention to open the pool and grounds this summer.  We are preparing the pools, club house and property to open on a date that is in compliance with all state and local guidelines.  We wish we could give you a more definitive date as to when that might happen, but, unfortunately, we cannot as we need to hold for guidance from our state and local governing bodies.  For example, below is a statement from our primary governmental body, the DuPage County Health Department.   We aspire for some time in June once we pass the May 30th Executive Order.  

Here is the DuPage County Health Department’s message on their website regarding pool permitting:

“Attention All Pool Facility Operators: Your current pool permit expiration date has been extended until June 30, 2020. With all the unknowns occurring during this unprecedented event, DuPage County Health Department has decided to delay billing for your annual pool permit. Once more is known, the billing date along with any new operational guidelines will be posted on the website. Please check the website regularly for updates regarding permits and public safety guidelines for your pool.”

The Board continues to monitor our state and local health departments to establish a target open date and as soon as we have a way to open and safely do so, the Board will share any new procedures and measures with you. 

Covid-19 Late Fee and Refund Policy.  The Board recognizes there is uncertainty in making a payment for a pool season without having a firm open date.  To this end, once we have a firm open date we can refund for days we were scheduled to be open, but were not.   We will refund the days we were not open using a daily refund method based on the days we are scheduled to be open:  9 days in May; 25 days in June; 27 days in July; 20 days in August; and 3 days in September (note August we are typically not open during the week once school starts so this may change based on guard availability; and, we are closed on work Tuesdays). This would create a baseline of 84 total open days.  For example, if we open on June 1st we would refund 9 days (9/84=11% refund). There will be two options. We can issue a check to you or apply a credit to the 2021 season. Further, we are not collecting late payment fees this year, as well.

Like you, the Board members are looking forward to a return to our summer at the pool.   It is possible, and likely, that we will need to enforce safe social distancing in order to fulfill a ‘duty of care’ for all our members.  What this means is we may need to ‘spread out’ over the full use of the yard or apply other standards to ensure we comply to any guidance issued by our public bodies and government officials. 

Swim Team: 

For our Meadows Dolphins Swim Team members, the season cannot start until area pools can open. Once we have a clear understanding of when that can happen and we hear from the Trident Swim Conference, we will reach out to you with information about the swim team season. 

Thank you for your understanding and please continue to keep you and your family safe.   Should you have any questions or concerns, please send them to

Many Thanks, 

The Meadows Board and President Chris Bennett


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