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Party Requests and Information

The Meadows is a wonderful venue for birthday parties, graduation parties, family reunions, baseball, softball, soccer parties and more.  Party dates may be requested anytime the pool is open with the exceptions of a pool sponsored event or swim team event.  If you are brining more than 10 guests, you must reserve a party to ensure proper staffing. The number of parties allowed during any one day is left to the discretion of the board.   All parties must be hosted by a current club member in good standing, and the host MUST remain present for the duration of the party.  Please contact our Party Chairperson, Becky Shields, through the club's email address,, with any questions and use the subject line "Parties."


Party Reservation Steps:

1). Review the Party Rules and Conditions and Club Rules Prior to Reserving your Party to ensure compliance. 

2).  Check the Club's online calendar (click here and scroll down) to see if your preferred dates are available.  

3).  Complete the ONLINE PARTY REQUEST FORM  (preferred) or contact the party chairperson for a printable form.  Parties may be denied entry if no party form is received. Completing a form does not confirm a reservation.

4). Our Party Chairperson, Becky Shields, will confirm your date and details, and add your event to our club calendar. 

          *A 50% deposit is required to hold your reservation for parties of 50+

5).  The guest list is due FIVE business days prior to the party date.  Balance of fees will be sent via emailed invoice and is DUE 24 hours before your party. No refunds will be issued once the invoice has been sent.  Minor additions to the guest list can be made until the end of the party, if it will not affect the number of lifeguards required.  Any additional guests must be paid for before the completion of the party.  


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