Dolphin University Swim Lessons

Stay tuned for 2022 Lesson information.



The MSC is pleased to announce our summer swim lesson schedule for members and non members!

Swim Lessons are designed for those children who are not yet comfortable in the water, or those who have experience but wish to learn additional techniques to become more comfortable swimming. Our swim lesson coaches consist of MSC guard staff that have extensive experience swimming and teaching these important skills:



Safety Rules

Water Acclimation





Back Sculling

Beginning Strokes



Safety Awareness

Breath Control

Treading Water

Dive and Rise

Stroke development

At this time the first two sessions have closed, and we have one remaining July Session for swim lessons.


  • Lessons are available for children ages 4 -10.

  • Each two-week session will cost $75 per swimmer.

  • Each session will take place Monday-Thursday, with each Friday reserved for a rain make-up day.

  • Lessons are from 11:00AM-11:45AM. 

  • Two skill levels will be offered each session - beginner and intermediate


If you would like more information or have questions, please contact